Initial Type Ratings and Annual Recurrent Training 

Premier RA-390

Cessna Mustang CE-510   

Phenom 100 EMB-500 

  HondaJet HA-420

We do initial type ratings and annual recurrent training and our programs are Insurance company approved. We can do custom classes with personalized services to meet any special requirements. Group discounts are available for more than one student but we do not do group classes.  All classes are per aircraft, only pilots flying that particular aircraft are in YOUR class, you determine your classmates if any, most classes end up being one on one! 

Our goal is to provide the best quality training, for less cost than the big guys. Plus all of our training is in REAL aircraft, by REAL high time instructor's that fly the airplanes every day, charter, part 91 as instructors and owners. Providing Pilot Training, Proficiency Training and Certification for everyday people.

Jetstream is here to meet your needs.

Please call for a consultation.


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