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I had a great experience getting my rating at The Jetstream Group! It was a good price, nice comfortable location and only took 8 days! I appreciate the individual attention that I received during flight training. They are opening up a new location in Mesa, AZ right next to the service center, so when I get my plane serviced next year I can do recurrent at the same time! What a concept. Thomas West Jul 28, 2010


I recently completed the recurrent training course for the Phenom 100  offered by the Jetstream Group in Chino, California.    I   highly recommend this program.  I learned a lot flying with Kevin Rothfus,  and felt the ground school was excellent   The printed material they include is a great review of all the details critical to operating the Phenom.  I will keep it in the cockpit  as occasional reading material.   Eric Reimers , N68ER, #11.7




I just completed my initial training and type rating which was done at The Jetstream Group, Chino, CA. I spent 8 hard and long days working toward the final accomplishment, the EMB 500 type rating. I am lucky because I had almost 95 hours flying the 100 prior to attending the school. This obviously gives you lots of practical experience. Jetstream is located on the field at Chino airport in a modern building. They use a local plane to do the training in. My class was three people.  We had a good instructor, Vince Amato, and my check ride was with Kevin Rothfus, currently the only DPE for the Phenom checkride. These gentlemen were great in what they do. Because the class is small, there is much more that can be covered and your questions get answered. If you are going for training, my suggestion is that you get ahead of the group by studying the AFM, POH and QRH prior to arriving at class.Thanks Jetstream for a great experience. I look forward to coming back for my 505 type rating in the future. Steve Smith




The Cessna Mustang C510

We do our training in aircraft so you'll get hands on the real thing

We spend plenty of time with the plane during study

Patrick and Dana (new Mustang Owner)

Pete, Dave and Vince

a little dinner celebration

Upstairs classroom

Our Hangar


Lots of time to do extensive preflights to learn more about the aircraft

Kevin at work

Our friend Sam

Going for a hop

Taxiing out



Our Facility at Chino Airport KCNO


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