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Our Mission

Ensure client satisfaction while promoting safety through quality pilot training and proficiency programs, pilot mentoring, client representation (aircraft purchase, delivery and sale), and aircraft management services for the VLJ market place.

The VLJ Single Pilot Owner/Operator

The VLJ (very light jet) market is expanding rapidly as many aircraft owner/operators step up to these sleek, low cost, high performance jet aircraft whether for business or just pleasure.  For many owner/operators this will be their first exposure as “pilot in command” to the high altitude jet environment.  As a single pilot operator, this brings a far greater work load through faster airspeeds, much higher altitudes, state of the art glass cockpit technology in avionics and navigation systems, traffic and terrain awareness systems, radar and satellite weather systems, and the engine indication and crew alerting systems (EICAS).  There will be more traffic at higher altitudes due to airlines and business jets, and separation between aircraft will be less when operating in RVSM (reduced vertical separation minimums) airspace.  FAA requirements are more stringent at higher altitudes such as the requirement to be on an IFR flight plan above FL180, and for the pilot to have received RVSM and High Altitude training and certification.  Add to the equation adverse weather and high altitude winds, aircraft performance capabilities ranging from weight and balance to climb performance and fuel burn rates, just to name a few, and one can see this environment can be overwhelming even for an experienced crew let alone a single pilot operator. 

Prior to flight, a safety conscious pilot should always asses their skills, abilities and proficiency in the aircraft, and for the planned route of flight such as weather, navigation, and instrument procedures.  The pilot should also evaluate how external factors such as work or personal issues will affect their judgment.  This information will allow you, the owner/operator, to put safety first by determining issues or deficiencies and what effect they will have on your “single pilot” performance capabilities. The result is your ability to make a go/no-go decision based on your analysis as well as identifying the need for additional training or simply bringing along a mentor pilot. 

When flying a high performance jet as a single pilot operator, the pilot must have a high level of proficiency and experience, a thorough understanding of the aircraft, systems, performance capabilities and limitations, instrument procedures, weather, flight planning, and navigation to ensure the safety of pilot and passengers.

Your training needs may be as simple as a refresher of the advanced cockpit technology and operational techniques, or maintaining the FAA recent flight experience requirements as outlined in FAR 61.57.  You might need a proficiency check as required by the FAA in FAR 61.58, or you just might want a mentor pilot to assist you on your flight.  Whether you set your requirements or they are mandated by the FAA or your insurance company,

The Jetstream Group is here to help you meet your needs.


  • Aircraft Owner Services High performance owner flown jets and turboprop aircraft can be a challenge for the owner. Insurance companies often require insurance company mandated “ mentor pilots ”. We have a worldwide database of these pilots for your needs.

  • Special accommodations and requests for Charter operators!

    Our goal is to provide the best quality training, Nordstrom type service for less cost than the big guys. Plus all of our training is in a REAL jet aircraft. The programs are designed around YOU and YOUR needs not some cookie cutter program designed for the masses. Please call for a consultation of your needs.
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